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Criminal Damage 15/08/17

Yet another incident – more criminal damage – 15/08/17, that’s over eight years of incidents  – hate incidents against a disabled woman – and the responsibility lies on

Lewisham police for refusing to protect me and my property since 2009

the Metropolitan Police ‘Service’ for thwarting my evidenced complaints since 2011 – special mention for PS Liz Gibbs of the Directorate of Professional Standards (sic)

and the IPCC for refusing to uphold their own Statutory Guidance in order that they could assist the police in covering up serious misconduct –

shame on you all, you are an utter disgrace #NoLessonsLearnt

This is the coward who caused criminal damage on 15/08/17, any info on where it lives please let me know, in full confidence of course.


150816 161741 1 - Copy               150817 161742 2 - Copy 2          150817 161746 3 - Copy



PS Anderson…Again

PS Anderson, Lewisham police, at it again, this time in 2012, still stating there was no evidence…but without stating for “the uninitiated” why there wasn’t evidence…

ie because Lewisham police had refused to retrieve CCTV evidence, Lewisham Council had consistently ‘lost’ the CCTV evidence, and both had refused to speak to an independent witness when I was repeatedly threatened with violence/death…

proof of this on these links…

cctv lies1

cctv lies 2

cctv lies 3

and PS Anderson had himself written the minutes of the meeting 31/08/11 clearly stating there had been a fault with the CCTV which had affected the cameras in my home

Scroll down to Minutes of Meeting 31/08/11

Why didn’t PS Anderson state all this, and the rest, for “the uninitiated”?




“This year” Lewisham Council had continued to ‘lose’ CCTV evidence and Lewisham police had continued to falsely report incidents.

Oh and “minor criminality”?  Really?  A physically disabled woman being repeatedly targeted by a criminal family, and their associates, suffering incidents for years-

my car: wing mirror broken off, rear windscreen smashed, indelible graffiti, repeatedly kicked, repeatedly spat on, scratched and dented, food thrown onto it, burning cigarette thrown onto it.

my front window smashed

edging and ornament in my back garden broken/smashed

threats of violence and death– several of the perpetrators have threatened to slap me, punch me, put me “on the ground”

threatened to stop reporting incidents “That c*** better keep her mouth shut”

missiles repeatedly thrown at my house/windows – back and front – and at my car,

repeated verbal abuse – including obscenities F-word, C-word, b*tch, w*nker and ‘hate’ abuse – when I’ve gone outside and into my back garden.

This is “minor criminality” is it Lewisham police?!

Let’s remember though that this is the same PS15 Duncan Anderson who –

two months after he wrote the minutes of the meeting 31/08/11 stating there was a fault with the CCTV in my home

and six weeks after my front window was smashed (link)

and three weeks after I had made a formal complaint against Lewisham police

and three days after I had represented myself in Court, following the malicious arrest by PC722 Chris Wren (link), and the trial was stopped half-way through the prosecution case and the District Judge ruled I had “No case to answer” due to “inconsistencies” in the police evidence (link)

had maliciously referred me to mental health services using the big fat lie about CCTV to claim they belived I was mentally ill and suffering delusions incidents were happening.

It is unacceptable that all these lies against me, which entirely wrongly and unfairly completely discredit me, remain all over official police records when there is ample evidence they are lies…

and when there is ample evidence of serious misconduct by Lewisham police officers.


Mtg Lies 1

Minutes of meeting proving the lie about CCTV evidence was still being told –

after Lewisham Council had admitted to the Local Government Ombudsman they had ‘lost’ it all (apart from footage of one incident which Lewisham Council themselves described as “poor quality” and “very poor quality”)

and after I had many times sought the help of Lewisham police re evidence repeatedly being ‘lost’…

that’s some determination to discredit me!

Of course, once the lies are ‘validated’ in the minutes of a joint police/Council meeting that document is on record and can be produced – and has been, by Lewisham police to the IPCC to discredit me and my complaint – as ‘factual evidence’ of the situation and their claimed oh so wonderful ‘working closely together’ efforts to ‘help’ me…

all the while I knew nothing about the meeting nor the minutes with all their lies, I only obtained a copy by chance in 2015

On 28/08/11 I received via the post a large folder from the Local Government Ombudsman containing photocopies of documents they had been sent by Lewisham Council re my complaint to the LGO…

including the documents in which Lewisham Council admitted ‘losing’ all the CCTV  and a summary re CCTV dated 29/06/11

bearing in mind I received the folder just two days after the meeting below, and given the time it would have taken for the LGO to photocopy all the documents and create the folder, then postal delivery time, and also the date of 29/06/11 on the summary re CCTV…

and also bearing in mind the dates of the emails between me and Lewisham police (as links below)…

it’s clear that both Lewisham Council and police knew the truth about the CCTV at the time of their meeting 26/08/11.

Yet here’s the relevant extract – see #4 – from page 1 of minutes of the meeting

(square redactions are as I received the document and the rounded are mine to remove my personal details)

I have numbered, on the left, the paragraphs to address the lies –


Starting with number 4

Their lie about the CCTV – still being told, in a minuted meeting, after Lewisham Council had admitted the truth to the Local Government Ombudsman…that CCTV hadn’t even been retrieved…

and after my extensive email communications with Lewisham police asking for their help re all the CCTV evidence being lost.

Let’s jump to page 2 of these minutes, #7 –


NUMBER  7 – in fact CCTV had been continuously installed since 18 October 2010, so for ten months by the time of the meeting, either overt or covert cameras or both at the same time –

in all that time no footage of any incident had ever been successfully retrieved from the overt camera,

and footage for only one incident had been successfully retrieved from the covert camera but Lewisham Council themselves described that one piece of footage as “poor quality” and “very poor quality“.

As above, Lewisham Council had just admitted this to the Local Government Ombudsman and I had just had extensive email correspondence with Lewisham police asking for their help re all the ‘lost’ CCTV evidence –

so why isn’t the truth stated in the minutes?

NUMBER 8 – Lewisham Council did swap the existing camera…I think that was actually May/June…and, then, they knew there was a fault with the software…

yet no-one ever told me about that supposed fault despite during that time I was reporting incidents, they were retrieving the cartridge, and I then had to keep asking about the footage but they never let me know/answered me.

Proof re Lewisham Council and police knew full well about all the ‘lost’ CCTV on these links – proof they knew it wasn’t that the CCTV didn’t support my “allegations”, they knew full well the footage had not even been retrieved…

cctv lies1

cctv lies 2

cctv lies 3

Some of the other lies in those minutes –

number 1 – “minor criminal damage to her car”

“minor”??  I hadn’t been able to use my car for nine months because the repeated criminal damage had made it unroadworthy…

and Lewisham police, Lewisham Council and my MP had seen themselves the extent of the damage to my car when they had visited me during those nine months.

number 2 – incidents started in June 2009, I first began reporting them on 20/12/2009…by the time of the meeting 26/08/11 – ie 20 months later & around 60 incidents suffered/reported – still nothing had been done to protect me and my property…

due to Lewisham police and the Metropolitan police service thwarting my complaints with all their lies, Lewisham police just carried on lying and refusing to uphold the law to protect me and my property…

so incidents continued on and on, the last was April 2016…that’s all but seven years of harassment,

seven years of being targeted by a criminal family “well known to the police” and their equally scumbag associates they incited against me,

seven years  which has has a severely negative affect on my physical health and my life…

and because of all the lies and cover-ups by Lewisham police I am still having to try to get my complaints properly investigated, so it is still taking up my time and effort, to correct all their lies about me which are all over official police records.

In December 2012 the LGO finally produced their report of their investigation into my complaint against Lewisham Council, the LGO found Lewisham Council had caused meserious injustice“…

but they just carried on as before, continuing to lie and treat me appalling.

number 3 – “little evidence to establish any criminal offences”

Only because Lewisham police had refused to retrieve CCTV evidence, Lewisham Council had repeatedly ‘lost’ CCTV evidence and both had refused to speak to an independent witness when I was repeatedly threatened with violence/death…

besides which they could easily have dealt with the situation via ASB legislation with evidence from me and the several neighbours they knew were also suffering incidents, eg email to me from Lewisham police –

I have met with some of your neighbours some of whom have agreed to supply statements and have reported similar incidents…

Click here to see the email

As above, once lies are ‘validated’ in the minutes of a joint Lewisham police/Lewisham Council meeting that document is on record as if ‘factual evidence’ of the situation, and the document containing the lies is then produced to discredit someone critical of them.



Really concerned at role of MOPAC’s Safer Neighbourhood Boards – how they are carrying out that role, whether they can be considered independent and holding local police to account on behalf of residents, and whether MOPAC is providing the training necessary to ensure SNBs – run by volunteers who kindly give their time and effort – comply with the law…

that is a whole new blogsite though, this is just to show – as someone asked me to – that Lewisham SNB breached the Data Protection Act (this was after I’d asked for their help re Lewisham police, and re their monitoring role) – below is the reply I received from the Information Commissioner’s Office…

what is particularly worrying is that i)  I had told Lewisham SNB several times they were in breach of the Data Protection Act but this was denied, and ii)  I also informed MOPAC but they effectively said it was nothing to do with them –


Referral Lies

This is to prove that Lewisham police knowingly and deliberately lied in a Referral to mental health services.


(See Overview for background summary.)

Having failed to secure a malicious conviction against me/have me sent to prison, Lewisham police then – as part of what I can only call their concerted campaign to discredit me to cover up their own misconduct – maliciously referred me to mental health services.

Lewisham police ‘justified’ Referring me by telling their big fat lie about the CCTV…

the same big fat lie that they had knowingly and deliberately told in a Witness Statement and Case Summary after they maliciously arrested me – ‘verballed’ me – on 02/09/11.

Following that malicious arrest I was charged and forced out of my home for two months on bail conditions imposed because of the lies Lewisham police were telling –

the trial was on 28/10/11, I represented myself at the Court and was mentally competent enough that proceedings were halted half-way through the prosecution case and the District Judge ruled I had “No case to answer” due to “inconsistencies” and “conflicting” police evidence.

So, Lewisham police had failed to secure a malicious conviction against me at Court on Friday 28/10/11…and made the Referral to mental health services on Monday 31/10/11

yet at no time when I had been arrested on 02/09/11 nor when at the police station custody nor when charged/bailed with conditions not to return to my home etc, had I been treated as a mentally ill/mentally vulnerable person –


ie treated as is required by PACE and Govt if police believe arrested person is mentally ill/vulnerable.  (I’ll post the details re this soon.)


This is the Referral – using the big fat lie – made by Lewisham police on 31/10/11 –

(there were other lies in the Referral but this is just to easily prove it was malicious, I continue to ask the Metropolitan Police Service to properly investigate my complaints including all the lies in the Referral)



As above, I have previously posted the proof that Lewisham police were fully aware that it was not that CCTV didn’t support my reports of incidents, they knew that in fact CCTV had not even been retrieved

I’ve also previously posted the proof that PS Duncan Anderson, who made the above Referral on 31/10/11, had attended a meeting on 31/08/11 – ie two months prior to him making the Referral – the minutes for which clearly state that there had been a fault on the CCTV in my home

and PS Duncan Anderson himself had written those minutes!


So, as Lewisham police were fully aware CCTV hadn’t even been retrieved why would they lie about it in a Referral?


Why would they lie to ‘justify’ Referring me?


The only reasonable, only possible, conclusion is that the Referral was entirely malicious…


Lewisham police – having failed to discredit me via a malicious conviction – were now seeking to exploit the stigma of mental health to discredit me and cover-up their serious misconduct.


Lewisham police knowingly and deliberately lying in a Referral was not only a serious injustice and malice towards me, it was also an outrageous  and disgraceful abuse of the MH Referral process.


Further, bearing in mind the Referral was made on 31 October 2011

Lewisham police were also fully aware that my front window had been smashed around 22 September 2011– hardly a ‘delusion’…but they had to lie about that too, to keep covering-up the true situation and their failure to take appropriate action to protect me and my property.

I had made a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police Service on 10 October 2011 re the failures of Lewisham police to protect me and my property, colluding with Lewisham Council to lie about the CCTV evidence (the big fat lie that both were telling), the malicious arrest, and saying the damage to my window was “wear and tear”…


I was told my complaint could not be investigated until after conclusion of the trial on 28/10/11 – I represented myself at Court and the outcome was “No case to answer” – so the Referral was made at the same time the investigation into my complaint began.


For the record –

PS Anderson claimed in the Referral dated 31/10/11 that I had been in contact with the SNT “for several years now” – well no, since 20 December 2009 so around eighteen months not “several years”…

and the only reason I had been in contact with them for eighteen months was because I was repeatedly targeted by NFH and their associates but Lewisham police refused to uphold the law, refused to take any action to protect me and my property –


which of course actively encouraged the perpetrators to continue their ASB/harassment/ hate, they were getting their sick, perverted pleasure out of it, why stop when they knew there were never any consequences for them.

By the time of the Referral I had suffered/reported around sixty incidents, but Lewisham police were lying about the situation and incidents

PS Anderson also stated in the Referral there was no record of me having been the victim of DV…but I still have a police document from a Data Protection Act request I’d made at the time…

so that’s yet another Lewisham police lie I can prove is a lie.







Lewisham police lied re CCTV -3

continued from

more of the evidence proving

i)   Lewisham police – and their ‘partner’ Lewisham Council, with whom they were “working closely together” – knowingly lied about the CCTV evidence, saying CCTV had been in place but didn’t support my ‘allegations’ when, as the evidence I’ve been posting indisputably proves, they knew very well that the footage hadn’t even been retrieved –


ii)  that Lewisham police used their same lie about the CCTV to maliciously refer me to mental health services

June 2011 – September 2011

on 03/06/11 Lewisham Council changed the covert CCTV in my home, they told me ASBAT had purchased new cameras – as usual despite my repeated requests I never had any feedback at all when I reported incidents and they collected the CCTV cartridge, this was extremely frustrating, typical of how they always treated me, and I repeatedly said to Lewisham police about it. For example, me asking Lewisham Council yet again –

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 29 August 2011 21:48
To: ‘Fish-Halvorsen, Daniel’
Subject: Re 5453 29/08/11

Dear Mr Fish-Halvorsen, I said I would email to you the date/time for the CCTV you collected on 24th August, apologies for the delay –

22/08/11 around 3.50 pm…

Also, on 24/08/11 you (and Lisa Spall separately) told me when I asked if had seen the CCTV collected (for 25/07/11, 07/08/11 and 15/08/11), and I was told me no, not yet – I would very much appreciate if you would email to me the details when you have…

Thank you.


Minutes of Meeting 31/08/11

on 31/08/11 there was a police and Council meeting about my case, it wasn’t until some considerable time later – I think around a year – that I was given a copy of the minutes.

I have underlined Pc722 PL Chris Wren – who as previous posts prove already knew very well about all the ‘lost’ CCTV – it was PC722 who maliciously arrested me on 02/09/11 and then knowingly told the same lie about the CCTV in his prosecution MG11 and the Case Summary –

and PS15 PL Duncan Anderson who maliciously referred me to MH services on 31/10/11 using the same lie about the CCTV to falsely claim Lewisham police  believed I was, therefore, suffering delusions incidents were happening –

I have circled the paragraph proving both knew very well there had been a fault with the CCTV and the camera in my home had been malfunctioning

NB – I only knew of this fault/malfunction when I saw these minutes, neither Lewisham Council nor Lewisham police had told me at the time it was discovered there was a fault, despite I had been repeatedly asking about the footage that had been collected – again typical of the appalling way I was always treated.


So, this and previous posts indisputably prove Lewisham police were fully aware it was not that CCTV didn’t support my reports of incidents but that the footage hadn’t been retrieved –

next post will be the MG11 by PC722 PL Wren and malicious referral by PS15 PL Anderson in which they knowingly tell the CCTV lie – serious misconduct which Lewisham police and the Metropolitan Police Service has covered-up.

Lewisham police lied re CCTV -2

Continued from

Lewisham police and their partner Lewisham Council have both knowingly told the self-same lie about the CCTV evidence, saying CCTV had been in place but didn’t support my ‘allegations’ but both knew the footage hadn’t even been retrieved.

Their lie has been told to my MP, it was told in an MG11 and Case Summary to maliciously prosecute me, it was used to maliciously refer me to mental health services, it was even repeated to me by the IPCC in their letter refusing my complaint Appeal, and still in 2013 it was being repeated in Lewisham police records to discredit me –

so here is more proof that Lewisham police were deliberatly lying because they knew the footage hadn’t been retrieved – by this time, March 2011, over forty incidents had been suffered/reported –

2 1

There was a witness to this incident when I was repeatedly threatened with violence/death but Lewisham police kept delaying trying to speak to them and never actually did – and I have to put up with Lewisham police telling everyone there was no evidence.

Email below from PC722PL Wren, saying he’ll ask for the CCTV himself if Lewisham Council don’t reply to me…

2 2

Email below dated 20/03/11 is me asking PC 722PL Wren to meet with me re all the threats and harassment and to view the CCTV footage of several incidents including threats of violence on 02/3/11 and 04/03/11…

2 3

The meeting I requested in the above email never happened.

On 16/04/11 Pc722PL Wren told me he had viewed the CCTV but there were no incidents on the footage, this was shocking and I sent him the following email saying he cannot have viewed the footage for the several dates/times I had listed for him, that it was completely unacceptable, that this needed investigating and asking for his urgent advice on how to proceed…

2 4

On 17/04/11 Pc722PL Wren replied as below and I then spoke to him and asked him to tell me the dates/times on the CCTV he had watched, he said he didn’t know (!) and would ask Lewisham Council and then sent me the email below…

From: []
Sent: 17 April 2011 12:23
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: URGENT re 3234950/10 17/04/11

Dear xxxxxxx,

I will (as you can see above) forward this to Lisa who has control of the CCTV. I will await a response from Lisa and I will view anything that she gives me and of course act upon it.

Chris Wren 722PL

I didn’t know at the time but a few months later I discovered that Lewisham Council had replied to Pc722PL Wren on 27/04/11, telling him the footage he had watched was the only CCTV they had – and that wasn’t the only email between them, behind my back they were mocking me and I’ll post those emails another time…

From: Spall, Lisa []
Sent: 27 April 2011 15:30
To: Wren Chris – PL
Subject: RE: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Yes the meeting will go ahead – im out the office from today back 10th May 2011 ( this is the only CCTV we have), I will let you know when I return the date for the meeting

On 05/05/11 I sent PC722PL Wren another email –

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 05 May 2011 22:49
To: Wren Chris – PL
Subject: RE: URGENT re 3234950/10 05/05/11
Dear Pc Wren

Wondered if Lisa has advised you of the dates/times of the footage you viewed, if not would be grateful if you could send another email to her…

He then claimed he hadn’t had a response from Lewisham Council – but he had, as above on 27/04/11 Lisa Spall had told him “this is the only CCTV we have“.

I  do feel one can reasonably expect a police officer to be concerned when CCTV evidence is repeately ‘lost’, particularly perhaps when the footage relates to incidents against a repeat victim since 2009 – but not PC722PL Wren, he chose to lie to me about it –

From: []
Sent: 06 May 2011 17:01
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: URGENT re 3234950/10 05/05/11


How have things been?…

I will forward this to Lisa as I have not yet got a response.

PC Wren 722PL

As I hadn’t had any further reply from PC722PL Wren or Lewisham Council I emailed him again on 26/05/11…

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 26 May 2011 22:39
To: Wren Chris – PL
Subject: RE: URGENT re 3234950/10 05/05/11 26/05/11
Dear Pc Wren

Wondered if you have had a reply yet from Lisa Spall, in response to your emails to her of 17 April 2011 and 06 May 2011?

He replied, still stringing me along…

From: []
Sent: 27 May 2011 14:08
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cc: Spall, Lisa
Subject: RE: URGENT re 3234950/10 05/05/11 26/05/11
Dear xxxxxxx,

Unfortunately not. I shall again forward this email (as you can see in the address box)


Finally, Lewisham Council cc an email to me about the missing CCTV – ah…no…no answers about the dates of the CCTV they did have, not letting me know about all the ‘lost’ CCTV – well they wouldn’t want to treat me with any dignity or respect would they…

From: Spall, Lisa []
Sent: 27 May 2011 15:31
To: ‘’
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: URGENT re 3234950/10 05/05/11 26/05/11

Hi Chris,

The Footage will have a date the container ( which you still have) , By the way can you pls get them back to me ASAP

Sorry about delaying reply but I thought Id already replied.
Lisa Spall

So, after three months of repeatedly asking I still couldn’t get any answers from Pc722PL Wren or Lewisham Council – and this was how it always was, they were just stringing me along all the time – but I tried again…

From: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 01 June 2011 19:21
To: Wren Chris – PL
Subject: FW: URGENT re 3234950/10 05/05/11 26/05/11 01/06/11
Dear Pc Wren

Given Lisa Spall’s email would be very grateful if you would let me know the dates and times of the footage as soon as you can.

He replied, would you believe it there had been a “miss communication”

From: []
Sent: 03 June 2011 10:22
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: URGENT re 3234950/10 05/05/11 26/05/11 01/06/11


Apologies there seems to be a slight miss communication. I have already emailed Lisa informing her that the disc was in the front office at PD ready for her collection. I did this after I viewed it some time ago. I emailed her again last week and hopefully she now has it. If its still in the safe Ill grab it and let you know.


I had to give up, I sent an email to PC722PL Wren telling him this –

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 07 June 2011 16:42
To: ‘’
Subject: FW: Re 3234950/10 07/06/11

Dear Pc Wren

Thank you for your email; I still to this day have not been advised of these details.

I have, therefore, had to give up – it is just too tiring, stressful and upsetting to keep trying but never getting the information despite all my repeated efforts since December 2010/January 2011 to ensure the footage of incidents I reported was obtained, and to try to find out whether or not this footage had been obtained.

Also, despite my repeated efforts to be informed of the dates and times of the footage you viewed on 12/04/11 – as our emails below – information which was needed to establish why, from what you told me, you had not viewed any of the incidents I reported and to try to obtain the correct footage.

PC722PL Wren’s response – concern a repeat victim felt like/had been treated like this? concern lots of CCTV evidence of incidents had been ‘lost’?  sorry he hadn’t bothered to note the dates/times of footage he’d viewed? prompted to take some action?


From: []
Sent: 14 June 2011 14:20
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Re 3234950/10 07/06/11


You can (hopefully) see that every request re the CCTV I’ve forwarded to Lisa who is the owner of it…

I eventually gleaned that the footage he had viewed was the “poor quality”/”very poor quality” footage for 03/01/11…

and the footage for 01/01/11…

which was a date I had not reported any incident but Lewisham Council had inexplicably collected footage – see

and PC722PL Wren knew I hadn’t reported an incident on 01/01/11 because I’d listed dates of incidents for him in my email 20 March 2011 (as above).

As the previous posts and above prove, PC722PL Wren was fully aware he had seen only “poor quality”/”very poor quality” footage for one incident of all those I had reported during this time…

and he knew very well that all the other CCTV evidence had been ‘lost’…

yet he subsequently maliciously arrested me and to discredit me he deliberately lied in an MG11 and Case Summary about the evidence, telling the same lie as Lewisham Council that ‘CCTV had been installed but didn’t support her allegations’ although he was fully aware the CCTV footage hadn’t even been retrieved.

There are names for people who lie and deceive like PC722PL Wren – ‘policeman’ should NOT be one of them.