This blog will be added to over time to post the details and proof of how Lewisham police (and their ‘partner’ Lewisham Council, with whom they were “working closely together”) –

protect the perpetrators of ASB/hate harassment/repeated attempted and actual criminal damage/ threats of violence & death threats…

and go to extreme lengths – including lying about the situation and CCTV evidence *, malicious arrest/perverting the course of justice and malicious Referral to MH services – to try to discredit the victim, miscast the victim as the villain, and falsely label the victim as mentally ill (to exploit the stigma of mental illness)

this to cover-up their refusals to carry out their responsibilites and their serious misconduct.

* To discredit me, both Lewisham Council and Lewisham police were telling the self-same lie about CCTV, falsely claiming it did not support my ‘allegations’ re incidents , however, in fact there is lots of evidence proving they both knew the truth was that CCTV footage had not been retrieved.

This lie has been told to my MP, it was told in an MG11 and Case Summary to maliciously prosecute me, it was used to maliciously refer me to mental health services, it was even repeated to me by the IPCC in their letter refusing my complaint Appeal, and still in 2013 it was being repeated in Lewisham police records to discredit me.

The incidents started in June 2009 when a criminal family moved next door, I first starting reporting the incidents in December 2009.

From 20 December 2009 to 30 April 2013 I suffered and reported 80+ incidents…

neighbours were also reporting incidents by the same perpetrators I repeatedly identified to Lewisham police (and Lewisham Council).

I was forced to give up reporting incidents and instead deal with them myself after four incidents in April 2013 – for one of which I had my own CCTV evidence – but still Lewisham police would not take action to protect me and my property.

Incidents continued after this, the latest incident – more criminal damage – was 09 December 2017.

During all the time I was reporting incidents – December 2009 to May 2013 – not even an ABC was ever done, no enforcement action at all was ever taken by Lewisham police (or Lewisham Council) to protect me and my property…

The Local Government Ombudsman report 06 December 2012 found Lewisham Council had caused me “serious injustice” and Recommended they give me £2,000 compensation and  review their entire ASB policy…

but Lewisham police and the Metropolitan Police Service have covered-up my complaints and the IPCC has refused to uphold their own Statutory Guidance – so the evidence is being posted on this blog.




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