PS Anderson…Again

PS Anderson, Lewisham police, at it again, this time in 2012, still stating there was no evidence…but without stating for “the uninitiated” why there wasn’t evidence…

ie because Lewisham police had refused to retrieve CCTV evidence, Lewisham Council had consistently ‘lost’ the CCTV evidence, and both had refused to speak to an independent witness when I was repeatedly threatened with violence/death…

proof of this on these links…

cctv lies1

cctv lies 2

cctv lies 3

and PS Anderson had himself written the minutes of the meeting 31/08/11 clearly stating there had been a fault with the CCTV which had affected the cameras in my home

Scroll down to Minutes of Meeting 31/08/11

Why didn’t PS Anderson state all this, and the rest, for “the uninitiated”?




“This year” Lewisham Council had continued to ‘lose’ CCTV evidence and Lewisham police had continued to falsely report incidents.

Oh and “minor criminality”?  Really?  A physically disabled woman being repeatedly targeted by a criminal family, and their associates, suffering incidents for years-

my car: wing mirror broken off, rear windscreen smashed, indelible graffiti, repeatedly kicked, repeatedly spat on, scratched and dented, food thrown onto it, burning cigarette thrown onto it.

my front window smashed

edging and ornament in my back garden broken/smashed

threats of violence and death– several of the perpetrators have threatened to slap me, punch me, put me “on the ground”

threatened to stop reporting incidents “That c*** better keep her mouth shut”

missiles repeatedly thrown at my house/windows – back and front – and at my car,

repeated verbal abuse – including obscenities F-word, C-word, b*tch, w*nker and ‘hate’ abuse – when I’ve gone outside and into my back garden.

This is “minor criminality” is it Lewisham police?!

Let’s remember though that this is the same PS15 Duncan Anderson who –

two months after he wrote the minutes of the meeting 31/08/11 stating there was a fault with the CCTV in my home

and six weeks after my front window was smashed (link)

and three weeks after I had made a formal complaint against Lewisham police

and three days after I had represented myself in Court, following the malicious arrest by PC722 Chris Wren (link), and the trial was stopped half-way through the prosecution case and the District Judge ruled I had “No case to answer” due to “inconsistencies” in the police evidence (link)

had maliciously referred me to mental health services using the big fat lie about CCTV to claim they belived I was mentally ill and suffering delusions incidents were happening.

It is unacceptable that all these lies against me, which entirely wrongly and unfairly completely discredit me, remain all over official police records when there is ample evidence they are lies…

and when there is ample evidence of serious misconduct by Lewisham police officers.



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