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Minutes of meeting proving the lie about CCTV evidence was still being told –

after Lewisham Council had admitted to the Local Government Ombudsman they had ‘lost’ it all (apart from footage of one incident which Lewisham Council themselves described as “poor quality” and “very poor quality”)

and after I had many times sought the help of Lewisham police re evidence repeatedly being ‘lost’…

that’s some determination to discredit me!

Of course, once the lies are ‘validated’ in the minutes of a joint police/Council meeting that document is on record and can be produced – and has been, by Lewisham police to the IPCC to discredit me and my complaint – as ‘factual evidence’ of the situation and their claimed oh so wonderful ‘working closely together’ efforts to ‘help’ me…

all the while I knew nothing about the meeting nor the minutes with all their lies, I only obtained a copy by chance in 2015

On 28/08/11 I received via the post a large folder from the Local Government Ombudsman containing photocopies of documents they had been sent by Lewisham Council re my complaint to the LGO…

including the documents in which Lewisham Council admitted ‘losing’ all the CCTV  and a summary re CCTV dated 29/06/11

bearing in mind I received the folder just two days after the meeting below, and given the time it would have taken for the LGO to photocopy all the documents and create the folder, then postal delivery time, and also the date of 29/06/11 on the summary re CCTV…

and also bearing in mind the dates of the emails between me and Lewisham police (as links below)…

it’s clear that both Lewisham Council and police knew the truth about the CCTV at the time of their meeting 26/08/11.

Yet here’s the relevant extract – see #4 – from page 1 of minutes of the meeting

(square redactions are as I received the document and the rounded are mine to remove my personal details)

I have numbered, on the left, the paragraphs to address the lies –


Starting with number 4

Their lie about the CCTV – still being told, in a minuted meeting, after Lewisham Council had admitted the truth to the Local Government Ombudsman…that CCTV hadn’t even been retrieved…

and after my extensive email communications with Lewisham police asking for their help re all the CCTV evidence being lost.

Let’s jump to page 2 of these minutes, #7 –


NUMBER  7 – in fact CCTV had been continuously installed since 18 October 2010, so for ten months by the time of the meeting, either overt or covert cameras or both at the same time –

in all that time no footage of any incident had ever been successfully retrieved from the overt camera,

and footage for only one incident had been successfully retrieved from the covert camera but Lewisham Council themselves described that one piece of footage as “poor quality” and “very poor quality“.

As above, Lewisham Council had just admitted this to the Local Government Ombudsman and I had just had extensive email correspondence with Lewisham police asking for their help re all the ‘lost’ CCTV evidence –

so why isn’t the truth stated in the minutes?

NUMBER 8 – Lewisham Council did swap the existing camera…I think that was actually May/June…and, then, they knew there was a fault with the software…

yet no-one ever told me about that supposed fault despite during that time I was reporting incidents, they were retrieving the cartridge, and I then had to keep asking about the footage but they never let me know/answered me.

Proof re Lewisham Council and police knew full well about all the ‘lost’ CCTV on these links – proof they knew it wasn’t that the CCTV didn’t support my “allegations”, they knew full well the footage had not even been retrieved…

cctv lies1

cctv lies 2

cctv lies 3

Some of the other lies in those minutes –

number 1 – “minor criminal damage to her car”

“minor”??  I hadn’t been able to use my car for nine months because the repeated criminal damage had made it unroadworthy…

and Lewisham police, Lewisham Council and my MP had seen themselves the extent of the damage to my car when they had visited me during those nine months.

number 2 – incidents started in June 2009, I first began reporting them on 20/12/2009…by the time of the meeting 26/08/11 – ie 20 months later & around 60 incidents suffered/reported – still nothing had been done to protect me and my property…

due to Lewisham police and the Metropolitan police service thwarting my complaints with all their lies, Lewisham police just carried on lying and refusing to uphold the law to protect me and my property…

so incidents continued on and on, the last was April 2016…that’s all but seven years of harassment,

seven years of being targeted by a criminal family “well known to the police” and their equally scumbag associates they incited against me,

seven years  which has has a severely negative affect on my physical health and my life…

and because of all the lies and cover-ups by Lewisham police I am still having to try to get my complaints properly investigated, so it is still taking up my time and effort, to correct all their lies about me which are all over official police records.

In December 2012 the LGO finally produced their report of their investigation into my complaint against Lewisham Council, the LGO found Lewisham Council had caused meserious injustice“…

but they just carried on as before, continuing to lie and treat me appalling.

number 3 – “little evidence to establish any criminal offences”

Only because Lewisham police had refused to retrieve CCTV evidence, Lewisham Council had repeatedly ‘lost’ CCTV evidence and both had refused to speak to an independent witness when I was repeatedly threatened with violence/death…

besides which they could easily have dealt with the situation via ASB legislation with evidence from me and the several neighbours they knew were also suffering incidents, eg email to me from Lewisham police –

I have met with some of your neighbours some of whom have agreed to supply statements and have reported similar incidents…

Click here to see the email

As above, once lies are ‘validated’ in the minutes of a joint Lewisham police/Lewisham Council meeting that document is on record as if ‘factual evidence’ of the situation, and the document containing the lies is then produced to discredit someone critical of them.



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