MG11 lies

This is to prove Lewisham police knowingly and deliberately lied in a Witness Statement.

For the record, I did not want to have to go to the bother of posting any of this here, I have tried and tried going through the proper channels – complaints and IPCC – but to no avail so this – proving on this blog how Lewisham police have lied and treated me in order to be able to counter those who have been covering-up my complaints – was the only option left to me.

Below is the first page of the two page MG11 dated 03/09/11 by PC722 PL Chris Wren of Lewisham Metropolitan Police Service…

PC722 had maliciously arrested me on 02/09/11 – he ‘verballed’ me – and his MG11 was for the purpose of the CPS prosecuting me (note he refers to me in the MG11 as “the defendant”)…

both pages of his MG11 are full of lies, including re the arrest, but my point here is just to easily prove he knowingly and deliberately lied about the situation as regards a repeat victim of ASB/harassment – and lied about evidence – in a Witness Statement

an extremely serious matter which to date the Metropolitan Police Service has covered-up…

I am again asking the Metropolitan Police Service to properly investigate my complaints including fully investigating my evidence and all of his lies.

So, here is that page of the MG11 and below that I explain the lies which deliberately misrepresent me and the true situation, deliberate lies which – along with all the other lies in the rest of his MG11, his Incident Book and Case Summary – can only have been to secure a malicious prosecution against me…to pervert the course of justice.

(I do not know why he has put his statement is 9 pages all signed by him, as I represented myself at court I was given the CPS Prosecution papers, his MG11 is two pages.)

Click on the picture to view


Let’s start with the despicable deliberate lie about the CCTV evidence…

3rd paragraph, 3rd & 4th sentences “Calls to Police and the council continued…CCTV…again failed to produce any evidence regarding her ongoing allegations”

This is the big fat lie both Lewisham police and their “partner” Lewisham Council – with whom they “were working closely together” – were telling to discredit me and cover-up their refusal to take appropriate action to protect me and my property.

Lewisham police were fully aware it was not that CCTV didn’t support my reports of incidents, they knew the truth was that CCTV had not even been retrieved

the only reasonable conclusion is that Lewisham police deliberately lied about it in a Witness Statement in order to completely misrepresent the true situation to secure a malicious prosecution – they were knowingly and deliberately seeking to pervert the course of justice.

Other deliberate lies to completely misrepresent me and the true situation…

2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence “all against the occupants of [gives an address]…”

This lie served the purpose of downplaying the true sitution – where a woman was being repeatedly targeted by a large group of associates – to a ‘neighbour dispute’ type situation –

it was NOT a ‘neighbour dispute’ there had NEVER been any  ‘dispute’.

Lots of documents prove PC722Pl Chris Wren knew full well not “all” my reports were against the NFH living in that address, many were regarding their relatives and numerous associates they had incited against me who lived elsewhere…

he states this lie again in the 3rd paragraph, although as he himself had, after a lot of pressure, eventually arranged the three harassment warnings he refers to, he was of course fully aware that two of these three did NOT live at that address.

3rd paragraph, 1st & 2nd sentences “Police went to great effort…nothing of any evidential value was ever noted”

Why is he telling this lie?  In fact, Lewisham police collected footage for only one incident, this could be easily proven by checking their records which should have been kept for Data Protection Act compliance, and much later I discovered they had lied about what the footage for that one incident showed, which could be checked against contemporaneous evidence I have – see link below


I’ve given links below to the evidence Lewisham police knew the truth – so what they should truthfully and factually have said in the Witness Statement was –

‘we refused to collect CCTV evidence’,

‘Lewisham Council repeatedly ‘lost’ CCTV evidence and we refused her pleas for us to investigate why evidence was being repeatedly ‘lost’,

‘we refused to speak to a witness when she was threatened with violence/death’,

‘at a meeting on 31/08/11 we were told of a fault with the Council CCTV in her home’

From October 2010 up to the date PC722PL Wren wrote his MG11 (ie 03/09/11) Lewisham Council had retreived CCTV footage for only one incident I had reported and that footage they themselves described as “poor quality” and “very poor quality”…


I have previously posted the evidence proving PC722 was fully aware of this and had refused to help me when I sought his assistance re all the ‘lost’ CCTV evidence-





– and of course, there was the meeting on 31/08/11 – ie just two days before he maliciously arrested me – attended by Lewisham police including PC722PL Wren and PS Duncan Anderson, the minutes of which clearly state there was a fault with the Council CCTV which had affected the equipment in my home…see scan of the minutes on link below –


(NB In the 3rd pargraph 5th sentence PC722 refers to Lewisham Council and their audio recording equipment, however, as noted in the Local Government Ombudsman’s report 06/12/12 Lewisham Council had destroyed that audio evidence without telling me and before there could be any independent scrutiny of what had actually been recorded, as the LGO said “This was wrong”.)


3rd paragraph, 6th sentence “but these were solely based on the repeated allegations of the defendant and have no supportive evidence”

Except there was lots of supportive evidence:

– he knew very well that Lewisham Council had ‘lost’ all the evidence there should have been…and he knew that I was reporting incidents and requesting the CCTV footage be retrieved in the belief it would be retrieved…that footage would have been supportive evidence…

– I had filmed one of them causing criminal damage to my car in October 2010, Lewisham police claimed the footage did not show them actually causing the damage but I believe it does, PC Wren had seen this footage – if the Metropolitan Police Service would properly investigate my complaints and actually look at my evidence (rather than ‘just believing’ those officers I complained about) I would be very pleased to show them this footage.

– I’ve previously posted re PC Wren having taken Witness Statements from four neighbours, these statements were taken in the lead up to the harassment warnings being given (16 December 2010), see point 3 on the link below, he clearly states

I have met with some of your neighbours some of whom have agreed to supply statements and have reported similar incidents…

and his email to me 12/12/10 after he had taken the Witness Statements from neighbours –

From: []
Sent: 12 December 2010 12:45
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: Harassment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 071210


Just a quick update. I have now collated enough to proceed with harassment warnings for the three discussed….

– PC Wren was also fully aware that from October 2010 to December 2010 – ie during the period leading up to the harassment warnings – I had reported several incidents in the knowledge that an overt Council CCTV camera was in place and in the belief that the footage would be retrieved, eg my email to him 12/12/10 –

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 12 December 2010 16:38
To: ‘’ <>
Subject: RE: Harassment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 071210

Thank you for the updates, I have a couple of queries:

I thought you were typing a statement for me to sign before issuing the warnings, would be grateful if you would advise me re this.

I see from your email you say your Inspector has spoken to Gary Connors, was this about the footage from the camera (which I thought you were going to speak to him about)?

I noticed the company who put up the camera were outside on Friday 10/12/10, presumably collecting the footage of all the incidents to pass to the Council – you might recall I asked about this footage being checked regarding the latest harassment incidents…have you been able to view the footage of the incidents yet?

It subsequently transpired that Lewisham Council had not retrieved the footage for any of the incidents during that period and PC Wren must, of course, have known that – see ‘Lewisham Council CCTV 18/10/10 – 20/12/10’ on the link below-

3rd paragraph, final sentence “After this the allegations dried up…”

Another lie, see link below proving PC Wren was fully aware incidents were continuing and I was reporting them, and far from being “happy with the police action” I told him how “tiring, stressful and upsetting” it was not getting any answers from him –

Bear in mind this is the same PC722 PL Chris Wren who eg refused to speak to the witness to an incident when I was repeatedly threatened with violence/death, and who ludicrously claimed that repeated criminal damage to my property and several threats of violence against me were “very low level ASB at best” – see


The next post will be regarding Lewisham police’s malicious referral to mental health services – using the same big, fat lie about the CCTV as explained above to claim they believed I was mentally ill and suffering delusions incidents were happening…

the referral was made on 31/10/11 which was…

around six weeks after my front window was smashed (c 22/09/11)…

three weeks after I had made a complaint (10/10/11) about how Lewisham police had failed to protect me/my property  and the malicious arrest…

two days after the trial (28/10/11) at which I represented myself and proceeedings were stopped half-way through the prosecution case and it was ruled I had “No case to answer” due to “inconsistencies” in the police evidence…

not to mention that Lewisham police had, they subsequently claimed, been so very concerned my mental health was deteriorating that they waited two months before doing the referral…yes, they claimed they had believed I was mentally ill and suffering delusions incidents were happening several days before I was arrested by PC Wren…

Appropriate Adult anyone?










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