Lewisham police lied re CCTV -3

continued from https://asblewishame.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/lewisham-police-lied-re-cctv-2/

more of the evidence proving

i)   Lewisham police – and their ‘partner’ Lewisham Council, with whom they were “working closely together” – knowingly lied about the CCTV evidence, saying CCTV had been in place but didn’t support my ‘allegations’ when, as the evidence I’ve been posting indisputably proves, they knew very well that the footage hadn’t even been retrieved –


ii)  that Lewisham police used their same lie about the CCTV to maliciously refer me to mental health services

June 2011 – September 2011

on 03/06/11 Lewisham Council changed the covert CCTV in my home, they told me ASBAT had purchased new cameras – as usual despite my repeated requests I never had any feedback at all when I reported incidents and they collected the CCTV cartridge, this was extremely frustrating, typical of how they always treated me, and I repeatedly said to Lewisham police about it. For example, me asking Lewisham Council yet again –

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 29 August 2011 21:48
To: ‘Fish-Halvorsen, Daniel’
Subject: Re 5453 29/08/11

Dear Mr Fish-Halvorsen, I said I would email to you the date/time for the CCTV you collected on 24th August, apologies for the delay –

22/08/11 around 3.50 pm…

Also, on 24/08/11 you (and Lisa Spall separately) told me when I asked if had seen the CCTV collected (for 25/07/11, 07/08/11 and 15/08/11), and I was told me no, not yet – I would very much appreciate if you would email to me the details when you have…

Thank you.


Minutes of Meeting 31/08/11

on 31/08/11 there was a police and Council meeting about my case, it wasn’t until some considerable time later – I think around a year – that I was given a copy of the minutes.

I have underlined Pc722 PL Chris Wren – who as previous posts prove already knew very well about all the ‘lost’ CCTV – it was PC722 who maliciously arrested me on 02/09/11 and then knowingly told the same lie about the CCTV in his prosecution MG11 and the Case Summary –

and PS15 PL Duncan Anderson who maliciously referred me to MH services on 31/10/11 using the same lie about the CCTV to falsely claim Lewisham police  believed I was, therefore, suffering delusions incidents were happening –

I have circled the paragraph proving both knew very well there had been a fault with the CCTV and the camera in my home had been malfunctioning

NB – I only knew of this fault/malfunction when I saw these minutes, neither Lewisham Council nor Lewisham police had told me at the time it was discovered there was a fault, despite I had been repeatedly asking about the footage that had been collected – again typical of the appalling way I was always treated.


So, this and previous posts indisputably prove Lewisham police were fully aware it was not that CCTV didn’t support my reports of incidents but that the footage hadn’t been retrieved –

next post will be the MG11 by PC722 PL Wren and malicious referral by PS15 PL Anderson in which they knowingly tell the CCTV lie – serious misconduct which Lewisham police and the Metropolitan Police Service has covered-up.


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