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Lewisham police lied re CCTV -1

Re all the ‘lost’ Lewisham Council CCTV evidence and that Lewisham police knew full well it was ‘lost’ but kept lying about it to discredit me and cover-up their failures to take action.

Information relevant to the following on these links –

Lewisham police refused to collect CCTV evidence and their lies stated by IPCC when refusing my Appeal



Summary re Lewisham Council ‘lost’ CCTV


For the record I would not have posted the evidence Lewisham Council kept ‘losing’ the CCTV as the Local Government Ombudsman had properly investigated – the LGO report 06/12/12 states

“The Council had not gathered any independent evidence…this was not because there was no evidence, but because the Council failed to collect what was available.”

However, as the Metropolitan Police Service has covered-up my complaints I am posting the following to prove Lewisham police knew Lewisham Council ‘lost’ all this CCTV but knowingly and deliberately lied about it, to discredit me and cover-up their failures/refusals to act.

The following proves both Lewisham Police and Lewisham Council knew full well re ‘lost’ evidence of incidents…yet both told the self-same lie about it…so the only reasonable conclusion is that they must have colluded to tell the same lie.

Their CCTV evidence lie goes like this with very slight variations ‘CCTV has been installed but doesn’t support her allegations’ –

although it is true that CCTV has been in place the big fat lie is that it didn’t support my allegations…

the truth, as they both knew full well, was that CCTV had been installed but they refused/failed to retrieve the footage.


This deliberate lying about evidence has, as of course intended, ‘justified’ them taking no action AND completely damaged my credibility to others –

their lie has been told to my MP, it was told in an MG11 and Case Summary to maliciously prosecute me, it was used to maliciously refer me to mental health services, it was even repeated to me by the IPCC in their letter refusing my complaint Appeal, and still in 2013 it was being repeated in Lewisham police records to discredit me .


Lewisham Council CCTV 18/10/10 – 20/12/10

On 18/10/10, after I made my complaint to Lewisham Council, they installed an overt camera on the lamp-post opposite – but it was not working properly all the time it was in place so there was no footage of all the incidents I had reported during this time in the belief the camera was working properly.

It is notable that the incidents continued while that overt camera was in place, clearly visible, as if the perpetrators knew the camera was not working.

Proof re this:- extract from Lewisham Council replies to the Local Government Ombudsman in June 2011 – I’d said to the LGO the overt camera hadn’t worked all the time it was installed from October to December 2010 and I have emails re my requests in November for LBL to retrieve footage –


Below is some of the evidence proving Lewisham police knew there should have been CCTV for this period but it had been ‘lost’ –

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 06 December 2010 12:16
To: Wren Chris – PL
Subject: To PC Wren re Tuesday xxxxxxxxxx

For info, there was subsequently another incident…
I have asked Lisa Spall to get the footage but perhaps best if you ask her to get it too with the other incidents.


From: Chris.Wren@met.police.uk [mailto:Chris.Wren@met.police.uk]
Sent: 07 December 2010 10:26
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: To PC Wren re Tuesday xxxxxxxxxx

No problem. Ill be round to see you today if its not me it may be just Jason. I’ve also emailed Lisa Spall regarding the CCTV but as of the time of writing this there is no reply from her…


From: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 12 December 2010 16:38
To: ‘Chris.Wren@met.police.uk’
Subject: RE: Harassment xxxxxxxxxxxxx

… I see from your email you say your Inspector has spoken to Gary Connors, was this about the footage from the camera (which I thought you were going to speak to him about)?

…you might recall I asked about this footage being checked regarding the latest harassment incidents…have you been able to view the footage of the incidents yet?


On 21/12/10 the overt camera was removed and Lewisham Council installed two covert cameras in my front bedroom.

Council covert CCTV 21/12/10 – June 2011

During all this period the Council retrieved footage for only one incident I reported ie 03/01/11…they themselves described the footage as “poor quality” and I have an audio recording of them describing it as “very poor quality” (see ‘Summary’ link near top of this post)…this “very poor quality” footage was seen by Lewisham police, it’s the one piece of Council footage for an incident I reported they ever viewed.

Extract from Lewisham Council replies to the Local Government Ombudsman June 2011



[NB At the time I contacted the LGO re the missing CCTV 04 March 2011 I didn’t know it had been ‘lost’.]



The next post will prove that Lewisham police also knew about the ‘lost’ CCTV for this period including for the incident on 04 March 2011 – and that I asked them to investigate re all this ‘lost’ CCTV but I was fobbed off and lied to about it.