Lies of Lewisham Police – 5

To prove regarding the lies about the CCTV as explained in Part 4
I first need to prove that Lewisham Council did ‘lose’ all that CCTV footage of incidents I reported –
bear in mind that there was always at least one Lewisham Council CCTV camera in place between October 2010 and March 2012…you can see though that Lewisham Council retrieved only two pieces of footage for incidents I reported during that time

1) Document by Lewisham Council dated 29/06/11 provided to me by Local Government Ombudsman – you can see:

Lewisham Council had two disks – one was for 01/01/11 the other was for 03/01/11

I have circled in red two important pieces of information

– they knew I had NOT reported any incident on 01/01/11

– they admit the footage for 03/01/11 is “poor quality”…I also have an audio recording of them admitting the footage was “very poor quality”

jr cctv list 1

2) In 2012 I asked Lewisham Council to send me a list of all the CCTV they had retrieved for incidents I had reported, on 07/06/12 they sent me a list (pasted below) showing five dates…however –

Date 01/01/2011
as the above extract, I had NOT reported any incident on this date

Date 03/01/2011
This was the first of only two pieces of footage Lewisham Council ever retrieved for incidents I reported, they themselves described the footage as “poor quality” and “very poor quality”

Date 21/08/11

I had NOT reported any incident on this date (as can be checked by MPS/IPCC via the list of incidents I emailed to a PCSO on 28/08/11)

Date 13/01/2012
This was NOT footage of an incident I reported, a (nice) neighbour had been burgled and to try to help I asked Lewisham Council to get the footage for the police, the neighbour subsequently told me the police said the footage was “too poor quality to be of any use”.
Date 05/02/2012
This was the second of the only two pieces of footage for incidents I reported ever retrieved by Lewisham Council – they refer to this incident as “snowball incident”, however, this was the incident when known thug trespassed on my property, coming down my path repeatedly threatening to punch me – ie put me in fear of immediate violence, which is assault.
Lewisham Council completely ignored everything I reported about this incident, then they told blatant, appalling lies about what the CCTV footage showed, to cut a long story short in May 2012 I viewed the footage with them and it did NOT show what they claimed –

despite they knew I entirely disputed their claims as to what it showed – this in writing and my audio recording of the viewing proves I said to them their claims are ”pure fiction” – shortly after the viewing they destroyed the footage, this without asking me and before it could be viewed by the Local Government Ombudsman or anyone independent.

Lewisham police refused to obtain/view the CCTV footage despite I repeatedly told them about the threats of violence and that there was CCTV of the incident and asked them to get the footage.

jr cctv list2

jr cctv list3

So, between October 2010 and October 2011 – the latter being the end of the period being ‘investigated by PS Gibbs of the MPS Dept of Professional Standards – of all the incidents I reported Lewisham Council retreived only one relevant piece of footage  – 03/01/11 which was “very poor quality”.

I have documents proving that Lewisham police knew this full well but knowingly and deliberately lied and I’ll post them soon.

Lewisham Council continued to ‘lose’ footage after October 2011, as the above proves they retrieved only one other piece of footage – 05/02/12 which they lied about, I disputed, and they destroyed before the footage could be viewed by the LGO or anyone independent.

Lewisham police refused to obtain or view the footage for the incident on 05/02/12 when I was, yet again, repeatedly threatened with violence ie assaulted.


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