Lies of Lewisham police – part 4

As well as the IPCC stating entirely false information regarding neighbours – see– the IPCC also stated entirely false information regarding CCTV.

The IPCC stated in their letter –

The fact that there were no arrests is due to a lack of evidence. CCTV cameras were installed in Mx xxxxx’s home in an attempt to capture incidents of anti-social behaviour and criminal behaviour but despite this, no evidence of any offences were captured

That, though, is entirely false – there are many documents proving that Lewisham police knew very well it was NOT that CCTV did not capture incidents, the truth was the CCTV footage of incidents had not been retrieved…

so why did the IPCC stated this entirely false information about the CCTV evidence, which completely misrepresented me and the true situation?

There can be only three possible explanations –

i) Lewisham police knowingly lied to PS Gibbs, Department of Professional Standards, and her investigation was so poor, so totally inadequate, so lacking in any meaningful investigation, that she failed to discover all the evidence proving the truth


ii) PS Gibbs knew the truth about the CCTV but she passed entirely false information to the IPCC


iii) PS Gibbs had properly informed the IPCC the truth about the CCTV but the IPCC decided to just make up a whopping great lie…

and, by some unimaginably incredible coincidence, the IPCC just happened to make up the very self-same lie that Lewisham police and Lewisham Council had both been knowingly and deliberately telling to discredit me and cover-up.

As there are so many documents proving about the ‘lost’ CCTV and that Lewisham police knew the truth but lied, I will have to upload them (soon) on a separate post – for now, below is a summary re the  CCTV.

NB as this post is regarding the IPCC stating entirely false information about the CCTV, the below covers only the period for which PS Gibbs of the Metropolitan Police Service was ‘investigating’ ie 20 December 2009 to October 2011. CCTV was also ‘lost’ after this, I’ll post about that, and the continuing lies, another time.

MPS Covert CCTV – c.20March 2010 to 30 April 2010

A Lewisham police covert camera was installed, and working, in my home – but see which explains that only once during this time was footage of an incident I reported collected…the SNT completely misrepresented what it showed…then they refused to collect footage.

Council CCTV October 2010 – October 2011

In September 2010 I made a complaint against Lewisham Council, in October 2010 Lewisham Council installed an overt camera on the lamp-post opposite –

between then and October 2011 there was always either an overt camera or covert camera or both…

but during all this period only once was footage for an incident I reported (03/01/11) retrieved

and I have a document proving Lewisham Council themselves described that footage for 03/01/11 as “poor quality” and I also have an audio recording of them describing it as “very poor quality”…

that document also proves that, despite ‘losing’ the footage for all  the other incidents I reported, Lewisham Council somehow managed to retrieve footage for a date I had NOT reported an incident ie 01/01/11.

(Just for the record here, Lewisham Council subsequently also somehow collected footage for another date both they and Lewisham police knew I had NOT reported an incident ie 21/08/11, but the document referred to above was prior to that, around June 2011.)

This is what is stated in the Local Govt Ombudsman report dated 06/12/12 about Lewisham Council and CCTV and other evidence –

The Council had not gathered any independent evidence…this was not because there was no evidence, but because the Council failed to collect what was available.

I will post soon the proof re all this ‘lost footage and re “poor quality” and known I hadn’t reported an incident 01/01/11 …

and documents proving:

Lewisham police knew very well about all this ‘lost’ CCTV,

when I asked for their help about all this ‘lost’ evidence they just fobbed me off and lied to me,

then they told the self-same lie about CCTV being installed but not supporting my reports of incidents, conveniently and deliberately leaving out that in fact footage had not even been retrieved.


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