The Lies of Lewisham Police part 1

This is what Lewisham police call “very low-level”* ASB.

* quote from ‘investigation’ report by PS Gibbs, DPS, she was supposed to be properly investigating my complaint but refused to meet with me, the complainant, and see my evidence, her report is full of false information –

“Pc Wren has described the nature of the incidents as very low level anti-social behaviour at best.”

Below are some of the incidents I suffered and reported between 20 December 2009 and October 2011 – ie just during the period PS Gibbs was ‘investigating’. Incidents continued after that time, had PS Gibbs properly investigated my complaint Lewisham police would not have been able to continue just leaving me, a long-term repeat victim, suffering incidents:-

My car: wing mirror broken off, rear windscreen smashed, indelible graffiti, repeatedly kicked, repeatedly spat on, scratched and dented, food thrown onto it, burning cigarette thrown onto it. My front window smashed, edging and ornament in my back garden broken/smashed, several threats of violence – various perpetrators have threatened to slap me, punch me, put me on the ground – and kill me, threatened to stop reporting incidents “That c*** better keep her mouth shut”, missiles repeatedly thrown at my house/windows – back and front – and at my car, repeated verbal abuse – including obscenities F-word, C-word, b*tch, w*nker and ‘hate’ abuse – when I’ve gone outside and into my back garden.

“Very low-level anti-social behaviour at best”? Really?


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