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Lies of Lewisham police – part 4

As well as the IPCC stating entirely false information regarding neighbours – see– the IPCC also stated entirely false information regarding CCTV.

The IPCC stated in their letter –

The fact that there were no arrests is due to a lack of evidence. CCTV cameras were installed in Mx xxxxx’s home in an attempt to capture incidents of anti-social behaviour and criminal behaviour but despite this, no evidence of any offences were captured

That, though, is entirely false – there are many documents proving that Lewisham police knew very well it was NOT that CCTV did not capture incidents, the truth was the CCTV footage of incidents had not been retrieved…

so why did the IPCC stated this entirely false information about the CCTV evidence, which completely misrepresented me and the true situation?

There can be only three possible explanations –

i) Lewisham police knowingly lied to PS Gibbs, Department of Professional Standards, and her investigation was so poor, so totally inadequate, so lacking in any meaningful investigation, that she failed to discover all the evidence proving the truth


ii) PS Gibbs knew the truth about the CCTV but she passed entirely false information to the IPCC


iii) PS Gibbs had properly informed the IPCC the truth about the CCTV but the IPCC decided to just make up a whopping great lie…

and, by some unimaginably incredible coincidence, the IPCC just happened to make up the very self-same lie that Lewisham police and Lewisham Council had both been knowingly and deliberately telling to discredit me and cover-up.

As there are so many documents proving about the ‘lost’ CCTV and that Lewisham police knew the truth but lied, I will have to upload them (soon) on a separate post – for now, below is a summary re the  CCTV.

NB as this post is regarding the IPCC stating entirely false information about the CCTV, the below covers only the period for which PS Gibbs of the Metropolitan Police Service was ‘investigating’ ie 20 December 2009 to October 2011. CCTV was also ‘lost’ after this, I’ll post about that, and the continuing lies, another time.

MPS Covert CCTV – c.20March 2010 to 30 April 2010

A Lewisham police covert camera was installed, and working, in my home – but see which explains that only once during this time was footage of an incident I reported collected…the SNT completely misrepresented what it showed…then they refused to collect footage.

Council CCTV October 2010 – October 2011

In September 2010 I made a complaint against Lewisham Council, in October 2010 Lewisham Council installed an overt camera on the lamp-post opposite –

between then and October 2011 there was always either an overt camera or covert camera or both…

but during all this period only once was footage for an incident I reported (03/01/11) retrieved

and I have a document proving Lewisham Council themselves described that footage for 03/01/11 as “poor quality” and I also have an audio recording of them describing it as “very poor quality”…

that document also proves that, despite ‘losing’ the footage for all  the other incidents I reported, Lewisham Council somehow managed to retrieve footage for a date I had NOT reported an incident ie 01/01/11.

(Just for the record here, Lewisham Council subsequently also somehow collected footage for another date both they and Lewisham police knew I had NOT reported an incident ie 21/08/11, but the document referred to above was prior to that, around June 2011.)

This is what is stated in the Local Govt Ombudsman report dated 06/12/12 about Lewisham Council and CCTV and other evidence –

The Council had not gathered any independent evidence…this was not because there was no evidence, but because the Council failed to collect what was available.

I will post soon the proof re all this ‘lost footage and re “poor quality” and known I hadn’t reported an incident 01/01/11 …

and documents proving:

Lewisham police knew very well about all this ‘lost’ CCTV,

when I asked for their help about all this ‘lost’ evidence they just fobbed me off and lied to me,

then they told the self-same lie about CCTV being installed but not supporting my reports of incidents, conveniently and deliberately leaving out that in fact footage had not even been retrieved.


More Lies – part 3

Why did the IPCC make the entirely false claim that none of my neighbours were also reporting incidents?

Background to this – 

In their letter refusing my Appeal the IPCC stated:

Despite efforts by police to identify…victims of similar repetitive behaviour this also proved to be unsuccessful”

That, though, is entirely false – and completely misrepresents the true situation…and me when combined with the other lies eg about the CCTV evidence, which I’ll explain on a future post.

Below is the proof that Lewisham police knew that throughout many neighbours had also reported incidents by the same perpetrators I repeatedly identified

so, why were the IPCC falsely claiming police had been unable to identify any other victims?

There can be only three possible explanations –

i) Lewisham police knowingly lied to PS Gibbs, Department of Professional Standards…and her investigation was so poor, so totally inadequate, so lacking in any meaningful investigation, that she failed to discover the truth


ii) PS Gibbs knew the truth, knew that throughout several neighbours had also been reporting incidents, and by the same perpetrators I’d repeatedly identified, but she passed entirely false information to the IPCC


iii) PS Gibbs had properly informed the IPCC that throughout several neighbours had also been reporting incidents by the same perpetrators I’d repeatedly identified…but the IPCC decided to just make up a whopping great lie that Lewisham police hadn’t been able to identify any other victims.

Proof Lewisham police knew other neighbours were also reporting incidents –

I have included only those for the period PS Gibbs was supposed to be investigating ie December 2009–October 2011 (and these are only some of those I happen to know about for that period but I don’t have documents proving the others).  Neighbours were similarly reporting incidents after October 2011 too.
1 – October 2009

When, what it it soon transpired were, a criminal family “well known to the police” moved next door around June 2009, they immediately started targeting me but I didn’t start reporting incidents to the police until December 2009 –

in April 2010 I discovered from a PCSO that on 01 October 2009 – prior to when I’d started reporting incidents, – an official police warning letter had been given to one of the family for their ASB against a neighbour in a nearby road.
2 – June 2010

Other neighbours were also “sick and tired” (quote from a PCSO’s email) of ASB by the same perpetrators I repeatedly identified, four of these neighbours came together and requested a meeting with Lewisham police, they eventually met with two PCSOs from the Safer[sic] Neighbourhood Team.

Below is from the Local Government Ombudsman report, the original documents had been seen by the LGO caseworker investigating my complaint against Lewisham Council –

Two PCSOs attended a meeting at a house in the same street as Ms x’s. They met four different couples who were also experiencing antisocial behaviour from the same family… They were also told of four further households who were also suffering but had been too scared of reprisals to attend the meeting….The PSCOs reported this in writing…with the comment “all these families are now squarely behind [Ms x].
3 – November/December 2010
The following are just a couple of several emails proving Lewisham police knew of four neighbours reporting further incidents November/December 2010.

NB Although Pc Wren said he would take a statement from me re incidents I’d suffered he never actually did this, instead he asked me to send him a list of incidents over the previous six months, which I did. I have our emails proving all this

From: []
Sent: 29 November 2010 17:49
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Statement
Dear xxxxxxxxx

Firstly may I apologise for having missed meeting you last week. I hope that I can cover the three points which you have raised in your email to our team in box
I have met with some of your neighbours some of whom have agreed to supply statements and have reported similar incidents…

From: []
Sent: 04 December 2010 15:13
To: Spall, Lisa
Subject: . .

Hi Lisa,

PC Wren has now got 5 statements from various residents including xxxxxxxxx in connection with the ASB resulting from xxx

He has asked me to liaise with you to arrange a meeting with him to discuss the situation and go through the statements.

4 – August 2011
In August 2011 I provided the same Lewisham police PCSO who had written the above email with a list of incidents from June 2011, this for a police and Council meeting taking place on 31 August 2011…

I included in my list the fact that the front window of an elderly, housebound neighbour had been smashed, which had been reported by her family to Lewisham police on 10/08/11…

and that a neighbour had told me another neighbour who lived nearby had also been suffering and reporting incidents by the same perpetrators I’d repeatedly identified.

That the information from my neighbour about another neighbour suffering and reporting incidents was true, was confirmed by Pc Wren during the trial on 28/10/11…the trial following Pc Wren maliciously arresting me on 02/09/11, see
From: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 28 August 2011 16:57
To: ‘’
Subject: Re 3234950/10 Summary of Incidents from June 11 28/08/11

Dear PCSO xxx, further to your visit today with your colleague, you asked me to email to you a list of recent incidents and I have attached a brief summary of same.

The list I gave you was just a rough draft for my own reference so please ignore that, I have quickly tidied it and the attached version can be used/distributed at the meeting on Wednesday 31/08/11 (if it goes ahead, I am not attending as I explained).

I subsequently saw the minutes from that 31/08/11 meeting – there was no mention at all of my list nor that other neighbours were also suffering incidents…so it seems these important and crucially relevant details had not even been raised at that meeting…or had been conveniently omitted from the minutes…

minutes which were written by PS Anderson, Lewisham police…

the same PS Anderson who two months later on 31/10/11 maliciously referred me to mental health services  claiming I was mentally ill and suffering delusions incidents were happening…

his referral was made around six weeks after my front window was smashed, see

The Lies of Lewisham Police – part 2

This is regarding the CCTV camera installed by Lewisham police around 20 March 2010, turned off 30 April 2010.

MPS Covert CCTV – c.20March 2010 to 30 April 2010

Around 20 March 2010 Lewisham Police installed a covert camera in my house. I was reporting incidents but at first there was a misunderstanding, I thought the footage was all being saved on the recorder and footage of several incidents would all be collected together…

however, I was subsequently told that the recorder overwrote the footage every few days, so footage of previous incidents was lost.

The first – and only – footage Lewisham police collected from their CCTV camera was for 04/04/10. Much later I discovered they had completely misrepresented what it showed.

At the time, PCSO xxxxxx told me the footage could not be used because it did not show the incident was deliberate, however, I had seen the CCTV (it was played on my DVD after being retrieved from the recorder, xxxxxxxx xxxxx himself said you could see was deliberate) and it did show the incident was deliberate. I told this to PCSO xxxxxx, he said he would pass on what I’d said.

I asked Lewisham police to collect footage of an incident on 28/04/10 but on 30/04/10 PCSO xxxxxx told me they would not collect the footage, he told me “the Inspector” had said they could not collect anything unless it was something they could prosecute for, I said about proving a ‘course of conduct’ but PCSO xxxxxx just kept saying the Inspector said they couldn’t.



– In August 2011 I discovered from papers sent to me by the Local Government Ombudsman that in fact the Downham SNT had entirely misrepresented what the footage for 04/04/10 showed, and that they had lied about the incident on 28/04/10 – I have a document proving what I had in fact reported at the time.


As records of CCTV retrieval/destruction must have been kept to comply with the Data Protection Act, it would be easy for any investigator to check/prove that only once was CCTV footage collected from the police CCTV


– However, for example, after Pc722 Wren maliciously arrested me he falsely claimed in prosecution papers – his MG11 dated 03/09/11 – that “after numerous calls” from me for them to view CCTV “nothing of any evidential value was ever noted”.


– This entirely false claim was also repeated in the prosecution Case Summary document.
– This is also relevant to PS Anderson’s malicious Referral to MH services


When PCSO xxxxxx told me on 30/04/10 that they would not collect the footage I was extremely upset – I did not know at the time about the Downham SNT lying about the incidents 04/04/10 and 28/04/10 so I did not think it was the Downham SNT’s fault, I mistakenly believed they were genuinely trying to help, for which I was very grateful, but that an unconnected Inspector had thwarted this.


As it was unbearable that hard evidence of incidents happening – which could be used to show a course of conduct to take enforcement action to stop the ASB / harassment – was recording upstairs in my home, but the MPS refused to collect it so it was all being overwritten and lost, I told the Downham Safer Neighbourhood team to remove the CCTV camera.


From: xxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 30 April 2010 21:48
To: ‘’
Subject: Att: Downham Safer Neighbourhood Team

To: Downham Safer Neighbourhood Team
Date; 30 April 2010

Further to my two telephone conversations with PCSO xxxxxx today…
I…confirm that I wish the camera equipment to be removed, it is pointless it being there as the continuing individual incidents are each being regarded in isolation and ignored rather than either being collected as evidence of a deliberate and ongoing campaign of harassment and anti-social-behaviour, or being collected to be shared with Lewisham Council ASBAT team…
I unplugged the camera at around 6 pm this evening and request that arrangements are made for all the equipment be removed as soon as possible…
Regards xxxxxx xxxxxx

Compare my email above, dated 30 April 2010, to what PS Gibbs stated in her report:

“In June 2010 you became so frustrated with the situation that you threatened to rip out the cameras and demanded they be removed”


Had PS Gibbs’ ‘investigation’ not uncovered my email then?  Aside from the date differences – making it seem the camera – yes singular, there was only one – was working far longer than it actually was, there was nothing to actually “rip out”…the camera was on the window sill resting in an aritificial plant, the lead went to a box just placed on the bed, the box was plugged into the wall socket behind the bed.

However, saying I “threatened” to “rip out” the camera is, of course, so much more derogatory against me than admitting I simply said I was going to unplug the camera, this is typical of how Lewisham police always sought to misrepresent me.


The Downham SNT replied to my email of 30 April 2010 on 11 May 2010 – in a document I subsequently received from the Local Government Ombudsman I saw it was Pc xxxxxx xxxxxx – the same Pc who sent the email below – who was misrepresenting the CCTV/incidents for 04/04/10 and 28/04/10.

From: []

Sent: 11 May 2010 13:30

To: xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx

Subject: camera

Dear xxxxx,

I am sorry that the camera has not provided us with evidence that allows us to take police action. I have asked xxxxxxxx xxxxx who fitted the camera to arrange for its removal asap.
I do hope that your issues with next door are resolved. You know where we are if you want to speak to us.

Kind regards

Pc xxxxxx xxxxx


Lewisham police, instead of admitting they refused to collect CCTV footage of incidents, used the fact CCTV was installed to discredit me to everyone, I will explain further about this in subsequent documents.

The Lies of Lewisham Police part 1

This is what Lewisham police call “very low-level”* ASB.

* quote from ‘investigation’ report by PS Gibbs, DPS, she was supposed to be properly investigating my complaint but refused to meet with me, the complainant, and see my evidence, her report is full of false information –

“Pc Wren has described the nature of the incidents as very low level anti-social behaviour at best.”

Below are some of the incidents I suffered and reported between 20 December 2009 and October 2011 – ie just during the period PS Gibbs was ‘investigating’. Incidents continued after that time, had PS Gibbs properly investigated my complaint Lewisham police would not have been able to continue just leaving me, a long-term repeat victim, suffering incidents:-

My car: wing mirror broken off, rear windscreen smashed, indelible graffiti, repeatedly kicked, repeatedly spat on, scratched and dented, food thrown onto it, burning cigarette thrown onto it. My front window smashed, edging and ornament in my back garden broken/smashed, several threats of violence – various perpetrators have threatened to slap me, punch me, put me on the ground – and kill me, threatened to stop reporting incidents “That c*** better keep her mouth shut”, missiles repeatedly thrown at my house/windows – back and front – and at my car, repeated verbal abuse – including obscenities F-word, C-word, b*tch, w*nker and ‘hate’ abuse – when I’ve gone outside and into my back garden.

“Very low-level anti-social behaviour at best”? Really?