IPCC – No Lessons Learnt

So, after keeping me waiting for around nine months, the IPCC has refused my Appeal in respect of my complaint that Lewisham police had continued to fail to properly deal with my reports of ASB/hate harassment incidents –

which I find inexplicable given I had pointed out in some detail to the IPCC  that they had already set the standard of how such ongoing incidents should be dealt with, and also the numerous failings in the way AI Chalmers ‘investigated’ my complaint –

including, for example, treating each incident as if in isolation, ignoring Metropolitan Police Service policy re hate incidents/crime, completely ignoring the incident when I was assaulted but Lewisham police refused to investigate, falsely accused me of “pushing over a child” and told me I was “lucky not to have been arrested”…

shame they didn’t arrest me because the CCTV footage proved that was not true – but Lewisham police wouldn’t bother to view it, choosing instead to just believe the perpetrators’ lies rather than rely on hard evidence…

which oddly enough Lewisham police have always insisted to me is needed (but conveniently for them and the perpetrators, CCTV hard evidence of incidents was repeatedly ‘lost’) – one rule for a criminal family “well known to the police” but another rule for me…

so much for police officers carrying out their duties ‘without fear or favour‘.

All absolutely typical of how Lewisham police always treated me – which is why I was forced to stop reporting incidents to them.

I  wish I could enjoy the irony of the IPCC publishing regular ‘Learning the Lessons’ bulletins, which detail cases from which police forces are supposed to learn lessons…then the IPCC proving they themselves can’t even be bothered learning lessons from their investigations…

but the failings of the clearly-NOT-Independent Police Complaints Commission are too serious to laugh about.




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