Report Quotes 3

The following findings by the Local Government Ombudsman are also entirely relevant to Lewisham police –

 “Conclusion…The way the Council dealt with Ms…. reports of antisocial behaviour from late 2009 …falls far short of what anyone experiencing antisocial behaviour should have been able to expect. This left Ms… a lone woman whose health is poor and deteriorating, with no proper support…”

“The Council lost many opportunities to gather evidence it could have done to corroborate Ms… reports. It also failed to take any positive action to address the behaviour of Ms…neighbours. This has clearly had a significant and serious impact on Ms… health and well being.”

“Final Decision There were many faults by the Council in how it dealt with Ms…reports of antisocial behaviour. This led to serious injustice to her and has affected her health and well being.”

Although the Local Govt Ombudsman cannot, by law, investigate the police, all these findings do apply to Lewisham police too as my many documents prove – and Lewisham police, in trying to discredit my complaints, have repeatedly claimed they were “working closely together” with Lewisham Council – but the Metropolitan Police Service has refused to properly investigate my complaints, eg –

see –


This is the link to the IPCC Fiona Pilkington investigation, which sets out the standards expected – but no lessons learnt by the Metropolitan Police Service –

IPCC: “It is vital that the police take anti social behaviour and harassment seriously, listen to the concerns of the victims and take appropriate action.”

See Report Quotes 1

and Report Quotes 2


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