Report Quotes 2

Below is another quote from the Local Government Ombudsman report which is also entirely relevant to Lewisham police… and that the Met police DPS told the IPCC that Lewisham police had tried but failed to find any other of my neighbours also reporting ASB :-

“Two PCSOs attended a meeting at a house in the same street as Ms…. They met four different couples who were also experiencing antisocial behaviour from the same family… They were also told of four further households who were also suffering but had been too scared of reprisals to attend the meeting….The PSCOs reported this in writing…with the comment “all these families are now squarely behind Ms….”

That meeting was around May/June 2010, yet despite Lewisham police knowing several other neighbours were also experiencing ASB by the same perpetrators I had repeatdly identified, and despite being told of other neighbours too scared of reprisals to report incidents, still no enforcement action at all was taken by them or Lewisham Council.

I also have documents proving eg in October 2009 – prior to when I started reporting incidents in December 2009 – Lewisham police had already given a Warning Letter to one of the perpetrators, and also proving that four neighbours/households made statements in December 2010, at the same time I sent Lewisham police details of the incidents during the previous six months.

Incidents continued – of course, with Lewisham police actively encouraging the perpetrators by doing nothing – and following four incidents in April 2013, for one of which I had my own CCTV evidence, after much effort I finally managed to have a meeting in June 2013 with Lewisham Council and Lewisham police…

at that meeting it was stated by Lewisham Council that another neighbour was also reporting incidents by the same perpetrators and this was being taken to ASB MARAC…

but despite the very long history, the CCTV evidence, that I pleaded with Lewisham police to go through my evidence to build a case, and that at the same time another neighbour was also reporting incidents by the same perpetrators, Lewisham police refused to take any enforcement action and said would only do a harassment warning for one of the incidents I’d suffered in April.

I was therefore forced to stop reporting incidents because – as I repeatedly explained – I just could NOT start from point-zero – where I’d been left throughout – after having already suffered and reported over eighty incidents since December 2009.

It was clearly completely and utterly pointless reporting anything to Lewisham police as they never had had and never would have any intention to take enforcement action to protect me and my property.

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