Report Quotes 1

In the Local Govt Ombudsman report dated 06/12/12 it was found that Lewisham Council had caused me “serious injustice” –


Below are just a few of many quotes from the LGO report which are also entirely relevant to Lewisham police:-

The Council’s Minimum Standards …details what it should have done…the Council…did not adhere to its minimum standards commitment. This was wrong.

The ‘Minimum Standards’ is the joint Lewisham Council and Lewisham police ‘Safer Lewisham Partnership’ ASB document – Lewisham police too failed to adhere to their commitment to victims

see –


“There is no doubt from the evidence I have seen that Ms…has been experiencing antisocial behaviour…some of it is extremely serious…[it] occurs on a regular basis and has done so throughout the period this complaint covers”  [ie from December 2009]

Yet on 31 October 2011 Lewisham police malicoiusly referred me to MH services stating I was “suffering delusions” incidents were happening.  There was/is plenty of evidence incidents were happening including, just for example, my car being repeatedly vandalized, and my house front window smashed in September 2011…

Lewisham police ludicrously said the extensive damage to my window was “wear and tear”.  It has transpired that Lewisham police were repeatedly falsely reporting incidents, playing them down to make it seem there was no incident.

see –


“The Council had not gathered any independent evidence…this was not because there was no evidence, but because the Council failed to collect what was available.”

As I was reporting every incident to both Lewisham Council and Lewisham police, Lewisham police too of course knew of the ‘available’ evidence – but both have repeatedly knowingly told the self-same lie about evidence, claiming there wasn’t any evidence to support my ‘allegations’, and particuarly repeating the lie that CCTV was installed but didn’t support my allegations…

but I have documents proving both knew that either they had refused to collect available evidence – CCTV/witnesses – or the CCTV evidence had been ‘lost’…

as both knew full well, it wasn’t that CCTV didn’t support my reports of incidents, in fact there was no CCTV because it hadn’t been retrieved…but Lewisham police and Council conveniently kept leaving that bit out.

LGO documents prove that between 18 October 2010 and 31 January 2012 Lewisham Council ‘lost’ footage for every incident I reported…except for one but, as the evidence shows, Lewisham Council themselves stated the footage for that was “very poor quality” through net curtains (which was where they placed the covert camera).

I repeatedly told Lewisham police about all this evidence being lost, and have emails proving I was asking for their help to investigate why evidence was repeatedly being ‘lost’, and proving that instead of helping me with the very serious issue of evidence being repeatedly ‘lost’ Lewisham police kept fobbing me off and lied to me

I’ve never had any explanation of why Lewisham Council – having ‘lost’ all that evidence for incidents I had reported – somehow did manage to retrieve footage for two dates they and Lewisham police knew I had NOT reported incidents.

 See also Report Quotes 2

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