MPS Lewisham refused to collect CCTV evidence

MPS Lewisham refused to collect CCTV evidence April 2010

Sent: 30 April 2010 21:48
To: ‘’
Subject: Att: Downham Safer Neighbourhood TeamPreview

To: Downham Safer Neighbourhood Team
Date; 30 April 2010

Further to my two telephone conversations with XXXXXXXXX today…

I…confirm that I wish the camera equipment to be removed, it is pointless it being there as the continuing individual incidents are each being regarded in isolation and ignored rather than either being collected as evidence of a deliberate and ongoing campaign of harassment and anti-social-behaviour, or being collected to be shared with Lewisham Council ASBAT team…

I unplugged the camera at around 6 pm this evening and request that arrangements are made for all the equipment be removed as soon as possible…


NB I’ve updated this post to add information –

The background to this was incidents had started in June 2009 when a criminal family – it soon transpired they were “well known to the police” – moved into the property next door, I first reported the incidents to Lewisham police in December 2009 when my car was (first) vandalized, and I explained the history and my circumstances.

There were more incidents including further criminal damage to my car which meant I could not drive it – rear windscreen smashed – but even that incident wasn’t investigated and still nothing was done…

I subsequently found out that back in October 2009 – before I’d started reported incidents – a “warning letter” had already been given to one of the same perpetrators I had repeatedly identified, that was for ASB against a neighbour in a nearby road

but then in March 2010 Lewisham police installed a covert camera in my home, I was extremely relieved believing that at last there was an end in sight and I would have some peace…but this was entirely false hope …

at first there was a misunderstanding about the recording, I thought it was all being saved and footage for the continuing incidents wouid be collected together – but in fact it was all overwriting every few days…

then footage of one incident was collected – further damage to my car – but I was told by the SNT it could not be proven the act was deliberate…however, I had seen the footage when it was downloaded and it clearly was entirely deliberate (the officer who visited to collect the footage recorded it to a disk and played it on my DVD player, he said could see it was deliberate) …

and when I reported a further incidents Lewisham police refused to collect the CCTV footage, the SNT told me “the Inspector” had said they would not collect the footage unless it showed anything they could prosecute for –

I kept asking for them to collect it, I explained the footage was needed to show a course of conduct, they still refused, I said it was at least needed to give to Lewisham Council ASBAT (ironic with hindsight as they subsequently repeatedly ‘lost’ CCTV evidence)…but the SNT just kept refusing to collect it.

At the time I very mistakenly believed the refusal to collect evidence wasn’t the fault of the SNT, I naively thought they were genuinely trying to help me and the blame rested with a Lewisham Inspector.

I was absolutely distraught that Lewisham police were refusing to collect evidence, the SNT knew I was exhausted and extremely distressed by the incidents, including the repeated criminal damage to my car – which I couldn’t drive for nine months because of the damage – missiles thrown at my house, abuse/threats etc – and every day living in anxiety/fear of when and what the next incident would be.

As it was unbearable that hard evidence of incidents was recording upstairs in my home but was all being overwritten and lost because Lewisham police refused to collect it, I decided I could not have anything more to do with any of them and that is why I sent the above email to the SNT telling them to remove the CCTV cameras.

I deeply regret that around June 2010 I put aside what had happened and started talking to the SNT again, having anything to do with them was a huge mistake…

I did not know at the time but subsequently in August 2011 I discovered (from Lewisham Council documents) that in April 2010 the SNT had completely misrepresented what the one piece of footage they had collected showed…

and they had also lied about another incident on 28/04/10…what I’d seen/reported – so would have been on the CCTV but they refused to collect it – and what the SNT falsely claimed I’d reported – to ‘justify’ not collecting it – were entirely different…

I have evidence – contemporaneous Incident Diaries and emails – proving what I was actually reporting at the time.

I have since discovered other examples of Lewisham police falsely recording what I actually reported / criminal damage to my property – eg see – and knowingly and deliberately telling lies to me and about me and the situation and evidence –

they must have been doing it throughout all the time I was reporting incidents, it is sickening and deeply upsetting that I was asking for their help and letting them into my home and doing everything they told me to do…but behind my back that is how they were treating me and they clearly had no intention of ever protecting me and my property.

The SNT also refused to get other evidence, eg in March 2011 when I was repeatedly threatened with violence/death Lewisham Council ‘lost’ the CCTV footage, the SNT covered up for Lewisham Council and lied to me, and although I told the SNT  in writing that there was an independent witness to this incident they refused to do anything.  I have documents proving all this, and much more.

Incidents continued – of course, as Lewisham police were actively encouraging, aiding and abetting, the criminal family and their associates by doing nothing except thwarting every evidence opportunity and failing to carry out their duty…

I continued to report the incidents…then on 31 August 2011, Lewisham police – the tactic to make me shut up and suffer in silence having failed – put me as a suspect on police computer (for what, I have a police document confirming, was a “throwaway remark”), arranged to visit me two days later under false pretences, breached PACE and maliciously arrested me, lying that I’d said threats to them which I absolutely had NOT said…

I was forced out of my home for two months because of bail conditions imposed on the basis of Lewisham police barefaced lies

at Court I represented myself, the District Judge stopped the trial half-way through the prosecution case and ruled I had “No case to answer” because of “inconsistencies” and “conflicting evidence” from the Lewisham police witnesses against me.  CPS letter confirming this –

Following the failure of that tactic to intimidate me, discredit me with a criminal conviction and completely misrepresent the true situation by making it seem I  was the perpetrator, two days after the trial with the above outcome Sgt Anderson of the self-same SNT maliciously referred me to Mental Health services –

he stated that “viewing of the CCTV has failed to support [her] allegations” and that I was mentally ill and “suffering delusions” incidents were happening…

not only is there plently of hard evidence incidents were definitely happening, including the repeated criminal damage to my car…

but I also have lots of documents proving the SNT were fully aware they refused to collect CCTV evidence of incidents and were fully aware their ‘partners’ Lewisham Council kept ‘losing’ CCTV evidence of incidents…

and a document proves PS Anderson attended a meeting on 31/08/11 during which Lewisham Council advised re a fault on their CCTV cameras and stated it “accounted for the malfunction with the CCTV system fitted to [my] house”…

and also around just five weeks prior to that malicious referral my front window had been smashed – see

Yet PS Anderson, knowing the above, claimed I was mentally ill and “suffering delusions” incidents were happening – and no doubt it was just sheer coincidence that the malicious referral was made soon after I had made a formal complaint about all the Lewisham police/SNT failures and lies and malicious arrest etc.

I also have Lewisham Council and Lewisham police documents proving several neighbours were also reporting incidents by the same perpetrators I repeatedly identified – and were told by neighbours of other neighbours who were too scared of reprisals to report incidents – but Lewisham police & Council still did nothing to protect me/neighbours/our community.

After the malicious arrest/prosecution/trial and malicious referral incidents continued and I continued to report them …from 20 December 2009 I suffered and reported over eighty incidents…

Lewisham police finally succeeded in forcing me to stop reporting incidents after a further four incidents in April 2013, when, yet again, they refused to take any enforcement action – even though I had provided CCTV evidence…

and, true to form, Lewisham police have claimed the footage “does not show an offence being committed” despite the very long history of incidents reported since December 2009 and that the footage clearly shows further, continuing, harassment.

All the above is just some of what has happened, the appalling, totally unacceptable way Lewisham police/SNT behave – not only towards me but also their deliberate falsifying of crime stats.

ASB Minimum Standards

NO lessons learnt –

Complaint Cover-ups

#VictimsCharter   #neglectofduty   #misconduct   #crimestats




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