Criminal damage aka “wear and tear”

Smashed window

When I telephoned the MPS Lewisham Victim Focus dept to find out what was happening regarding this incident I was told it had been closed as wear and tear.

I asked if they could email this information to me and they did, below is an extract from their email.

By the time of this incident I had already reported around 60 (sixty) previous incidents over the previous 22 months.

Around six weeks after this incident – which was reported by the SNT, as at the time I was forced out of my home following Lewisham police maliciously arresting/charging me –

and two days after the Trial at which I had to represent myself and the Trial was stopped and the District Judge ruled I had “No case to answer“…


– the SNT made a referral to a mental health team claiming I was “mentally ill” and suffering “delusions” incidents were happening!


“Dear Ms XXXXX
Once a supervisor read the report he felt there was nothing to suggest this was criminal damage and it could just be wear and tear, therefore unless any other information comes to light, this case was to be closed. …
I hope I have answered all your questions.

Victim Community Support Officer XXXXPL
Victim Focus Unit
Lewisham Police Station
43 Lewisham High Street
SE13 5JZ
ÉMetline 28391
ÉPhone 0208-284-8391″

I had included regarding this incident in my complaint to the MPS, the PS from the Professional Standards dept who was supposed to be investigating my complaint – but who refused to meet with me to discuss my complaint and see my evidence – found no fault at all with Lewisham police putting what was clearly criminal damage as “wear and tear”.



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