I started this blog to put on record and prove how I have been treated by the Metropolitan Police ‘Service’ and Lewisham Council since I first started reporting incidents (which started in June 2009 when a criminal family moved next door) in Dec 2009.

The incidents have been ASB/hate harassment/repeated attempted and actual criminal damage to my property/threats of violence/death threats.

From December 2009 to May 2013 I suffered and reported 80+ incidents …not even an ABC was ever done, only once during all this time was any enforcement-based action ever taken –

after much pressure, in Dec 2010 – a year and after 40+ incidents reported plus several neighbours reporting incidents too – three harassment warnings were given by Lewisham MPS…but it still continued.

I was forced to give up reporting incidents and instead deal with them myself after another four incidents in April 2013 – for one of which I had CCTV evidence – but still Lewisham police would not take action to protect me and my property.

Throughout, Lewisham police and council were colluding to protect the criminal family and their associates, and were stringing me along – lying to me, and lying about me and the situation and evidence to others, to discredit me and cover-up their refusals to act and lies.

In September 2011 Lewisham police visited me in my home, under false pretences they were going to take action about incidents in August 2011, and maliciously arrested/prosecuted me.

I was forced out of my home for two months because of bail conditions imposed based on their lies.

In mid-October 2011 I made a formal complaint about the failures to take action, the colluding with Lewisham Council to lie about me/the situation/evidence and the malicious arrest/prosecution.

At Court on 28/10/11 – I represented myself – the District Judge stopped the trial half-way through the prosecution case and ruled I had “No case to answer” due to “inconsistences” and “conflicting” police evidence.

As the tactic to cover-up by discrediting me with a criminal conviction and make it appear I  was the perpetrator had failed, on 31/10/11, ie two days after the trial, Lewisham police maliciously referred me to MH services claiming I was mentally ill and “suffering delusions” incidents were happening –

this despite there was plently of evidence incidents were happening,

despite, as documents prove, Lewisham police knew that between Oct 2010 and September 2011 Lewisham Council had “lost” CCTV of all incidents I reported (except one, for which Lewisham Council described the footage as “poor quality” through net curtains, which was where they placed the camera!),

despite the SNT Sgt who made the referral had been at, and written the minutes for, a meeting on 31/08/11 when Lewisham Council stated there was a fault with their CCTV equipment

despite Lewisham police had reported that my front window had been smashed in September 2011 (while I was bailed away from my home), and when I was able to return home following the trial I found, and reported, items in my garden smashed too

I have many documents proving the lies told to me and about me/the situation/evidence by the Safer (sic)  Neighbourhood Team to cover up the refusals/failures to gather evidence, and the malicious arrest/prosecution, and I also have proof of what happened at Court.



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